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music 17 study guide - Music : Art in the form of sound and...

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Music : Art in the form of sound and this term is associated in the article by Bonnie C Wade; he says something about how ethnomusicologists began exploring musical practices as evidence of using music in construction and maintenance of boundaries between themselves and groups. In class, we discussed that music as a cultural practice and music as sound and silence. There was an example of a picture in our first lecture of a tree with different cultures on each branch but the picture shows that all the music came from the same root and basically they are all music. Ethnomusicology: It is the study of people making music. In the article by Bonnie C Wade, he said that ethnomusicology came to be around the 1920s. In class, we discussed how it is like the anthropology of music, and how they expand our concept of music. Intersectional Identities: Identities that are intersectional which includes gender, sex, class, race, humanity, religion, national, generational identities, ablebodiedness. In the article by Bonnie C Wade, there was a section that explained about the identity study, the examination of musical practices that express different identities such as gender, national, ethnic, and all of those things. In class, we talked about how music reflects our identity and vice versa. It shapes each other and that is why people listen to what they like and prefer. Star Spangles Banner: Poem written in 1814 by Francis Scott Key after Battle of Fort Mchenry against the British. The tune came from a popular British drinking song called “To Anacreon in Heaven.” It was first used in 1889 and became our national anthem in 1931 by president Hoover. Bonnie C Wade talks about music nationalism which means the use of
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music 17 study guide - Music : Art in the form of sound and...

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