Doing Sociological Research

Doing Sociological Research - Generalize Interviews and...

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Doing Sociological Research-Chapter 3 Sociological Research Derives from the scientific method Both quantitative(statistical analysis), and qualitative(interpretive analysis) studies are used in modern sociology Both are empirical-careful and systematic observation The Scientific Method 1. Develop the research question/review the literature Theory Past reason Current issues Funding sources (based on what is going on; 911-terrorism) Social policy (policies affect on people; healthcare reform) 2. Create a research design Determined by your question Operationally define variables May test a hypothesis Independent-influencing change Dependent-being changed 3. Gather Data Research Designs Surveys Random and representative samples
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Unformatted text preview: Generalize Interviews and questionnaires Existing data Experiments: Hawthorne Effect (people act different when they know they are being watched) Participant observation/case studies Content analysis Historical research Evaluation research 4. Analyze data/statistics • Correlations ( how two or more variables influence one another; related) • Validity (how well it accurately measures) • Reliability (accurately measured over time) • Averages (mean, median, mode) *Spurious Correlation: a third variable that actually is causing the relationship between the two variables 5. Research Conclusions and report results • Research ethics...
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Doing Sociological Research - Generalize Interviews and...

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