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CHFD 3710 Historical researchers study diaries and letters. Researchers who want to understand a group’s culture or everyday life spend hours doing field research. They link concepts and ideas into a single pattern. Modernization theory, for example, says that the status of older people decreases as societies modernize. Historians trace the study of aging to the ancient scriptures of the Far East, the Bible, and the work of Greek philosophers like Plato and Aristotle. “Social physics”-a science that would study human facts and events, express them in numbers, and locate cause-and-effect relationships. By the late nineteenth century, the social sciences-sociology and psychology-had also begun to study aging. Psychological studies look at the changes that take place inside the individual and
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Unformatted text preview: between individuals and groups. • Socioeconomic-environmental studies look at the effects of aging on social institutions. Sociologists define a social institution as a pattern of social interaction that has relatively stable structure and persists overtime. • Social gerontology makes up a part of the total body of gerontological includes the psychosocial, the socioeconomic-environmental, and practice –related studies of aging. • Theories often start with beliefs common sense ideas, or hunches. • Theories help researchers organize and give focus to their work • Some gerontologists borrow theories from sociology and psychology and apply them to the study of aging. • Gerontologists create theories to help them explain a set of facts....
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