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Article Analysis - article do you believe are most...

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Article Analysis – 60 pts. Foundations of Interpersonal Communication Final Due Date: April 27 Purpose: to provide a brief analysis / assessment of one of the ten articles assigned to accompany textbook material for this course. Format: the 2 ½ - 3 pages, double-spaced analysis / assessment should include the following information. 1. Provide the complete citation (APA Style, 6 th ed.) of the article you have selected to analyze / assess. The citation should appear at the beginning of the first page and should be single spaced. 2. The body of your analysis / assessment (2 ½ - 3 pages double-spaced) is your personal narrative to answer the following three questions: -- Why is the general topic area or subject matter explored in this article of particular interest to you? -- What two key ideas or research findings discussed in this
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Unformatted text preview: article do you believe are most interesting? Why?-- How are these two key ideas or research findings relevant or useful to our study of relational communication in this course? Explain. Notes: Your analysis / assessment should reflect clear, concise writing that uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I may deduct points for poor writing, so proofread the final draft of your analysis / assessment carefully. While April 29 is the final date that I will accept this assignment (hard copy), I will also accept this assignment any date prior to this final due date throughout the semester. I encourage you not to wait until April 29 if an article discussed earlier in the course interests you....
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