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Communication 301 Course Paper Assignment These course papers are designed to help you apply the theoretical material covered in Communication 301 to one specific, personal relationship; you should select only one of the three course papers described below. For your analysis paper, write 7-9, double-spaced, typewritten pages of original prose (not including the title page/references) and, when citing sources, use the APA Style Guide (6 th ed.). The following general criteria will be used to evaluate each assignment: 1) Does the paper directly address the issue? 2) Is the analysis comprehensive and complete? 3) Does the discussion demonstrate understanding of the relevant issues raised and incorporate sufficient documentation for support? 4) Are specific examples used to illustrate the key ideas developed? and 5) Is the paper clearly, coherently, and correctly written? Course Paper -- Option #1 Due: March 2 Chapter 4 of the text, Close Encounters , discusses the impact of uncertainty, expectancy, and expectancy violations that are inevitable in relationships. Using this discussion as the basis of your analysis, select a dyadic relationship in which you currently participate to explain how understanding these concepts provides valuable insight into your relational communication. Divide the paper into four basic sections that
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Course Papers. - Communication 301 Course Paper Assignment...

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