Syllabus 301 - Foundations of Interpersonal Communication...

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Foundations of Interpersonal Communication Communication 301 (002) – Spring, 2011 Instructor: Troy Bogino Office Hours: By Appointment Office: 159 - Science & Technology II Phone: 240-447-2794 / Celll Email: Course Description: This course examines the role of interpersonal communication in human relationships. The focus of the course is a relational view of communication -- one that explores how relationships are created, negotiated, maintained, and terminated. Class sessions will include lectures and guided discussions. Successful completion of Communication 200/250 (or equivalent) is a prerequisite for the course. Course Objectives: 1. to distinguish interpersonal communication from other communication contexts; 2. to explore the perception of self and other in interpersonal transactions as they influence the communication process; 3. to understand and apply key interpersonal communication theories; 4. to understand how communication is used to develop, negotiate, maintain, and terminate a variety of relationships; 5. to discuss specific communication skills and strategies to enhance interpersonal communication in a variety of relationships. Text: Guerrero, L. K., Andersen, P. A., & Afifi, W. A. (2007). Close encounters: Communication in relationships (2 nd ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage. Articles: See separate handout. Course Requirements: Quizzes/Exercises -- eight unannounced quizzes/exercises will be given during eight class periods – you must be in attendance at the time the quiz/exercise is given and only “excused” absences (verified illness/death) will be allowed the opportunity for “make-up.” Each quiz/exercise will cover reading assigned for that class period; four quizzes/exercises will be given prior to the Midterm Exam and four quizzes/exercises will be given after the Midterm Exam and prior to the Final Exam. The best six grades (6 @ 20 pts. each) will be counted toward the final grade. (120 pts.) Article Analysis – 2-3 pp. analysis of one of the ten journal articles assigned for the course (see separate handout) ( 60 pts.) Course Paper – three course paper options will be discussed, but only one 7-9 pp. original paper is written (see separate handout) (150 pts.) Midterm Exam – Chapters 1 - 7, articles, and lecture material (135 pts.) Final Exam – Chapters 8 - 15, articles, and lecture material (135 pts.) Grading Scale: 582 - 600 pts. = A+ (97%) 480 - 497 pts. = B- (80%) 558 - 581 pts. = A (93%) 462 - 479 pts. = C+ (77%) 540 - 557 pts. = A- (90%) 420 - 461 pts. = C (70%) 522 - 539 pts. = B+ (87%) 360 - 419 pts. = D (60%) 498 - 521 pts. = B (83%) 0 - 359 pts. = F (59%or below) NOTE: No late exams or quizzes will be given without prior arrangement.
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Syllabus 301 - Foundations of Interpersonal Communication...

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