Timeline - 1869The Committ ee Nine VA votes to succeed...

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Unformatted text preview: 1869The Committ ee Nine April 17, 1861VA votes to succeed 1867Scofield appoints Wells to replace Pierpont as Gov Virginia 1881Camero n elected as Gov March 30, 1871Funding Bill July, 6, 1869Walker beats Wells April 4, 1861VA voted not to succeed Dec 3, 1867Underw ood conventi on 1877Mahone losses Dem. Gov race and formed the readjuste rs 1881- Mahone seated in the senate and become swing vote 1883Danville Riot that caused the ultimate demise of the readjuste rs 1885 1890 1895 1879Mahone elected to the senate 1860 1865 1870 1875 1880 June, 20, 1863West Virginia recogniz ed as a state April 12, 1861Firing on Fort Sumter March, 1867Congressional Reconstruction Act passed over Johnson’s Veto/ military districts 1887Congress creates Interstate commerce committee 1885Dem got the White House and all the patronag e jobs that Mahone got were lost Feb 25, 1879Mozart Hall Convent ion 1870VA admitted back into the Union April 14, 1865Lincoln assassinat ed 1897Smtih vs. Ames Jan, 1863Emancip ation Proclam ation ...
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