exam two reggaefunk

exam two reggaefunk - Rastafarianism-the characteristics...

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Rastafarianism -the characteristics include use of weed, rejection of western society, The first reggae beat was jimmy cliff who was a rock hall of fame inductee 2010 “Many Rivers to Cross” 72 The harder they come OST “The harder they come” 72. Off the same album “I can see clearly now” #18 us, 93. . a cover of Johnny nash 1972 hit. . Cool Runnings OST Bob Marley raised in Trentown, Jamaica in the worst ghetto Joe Hicks became his manager Bob Marley is the most widely known and revered The Whailers. . Bunny Livingston, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh “I shot the sheriff” last album The wailers increased exposure with political and social lyrics, on top of the world music influence. Eric Clapton, “I shot the sheriff” he covered it as #1 “Get up Stand up” Burning 73. .from the wailers the sing sticks to a firm Rastafarian belief No woman, No cry Natty Dread 74 “War” Rastafarian Vibration #8, 76 “Three little birds: exodus 77 In 1998, TIME magazine name exodus the best music album of the 20 th century “Is this love” Kaya 78 A rare non political album with a relaxed, laid back approach lacking much of militant/religious Back to where he belongs 79-83 “Redemption Song’ Uprising 80
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exam two reggaefunk - Rastafarianism-the characteristics...

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