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Ant. 100 Fall '08

Ant. 100 Fall '08 - Prof J Taggart Telephone 717-291-4038...

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Prof. J. Taggart Office Hours Telephone 717-291-4038 M W 3-4:30 e-mail [email protected] T 9-10 3-4:30 Th 9-10 Ant. 100C Social Anthropology MW 11-12:20 in MBT 001 Social anthropology is the cross-cultural study of human behavior. The term cross-cultural usually refers to cultures different than that of the observer. In this course, you will be an observer of other cultures from the perspective of your own culture. Social anthropologists carry out their cross-cultural study of human behavior by practicing ethnography. Usually ethnography involves traveling to another culture, learning a different language, and making observations as a participant. The aim is to understand how the people one studies think and feel about their world. Requirements, assignments, and Dates 1 . Attendence and class participation are requirements for 5 % . 2. Sept. 17 Wednesday Paper applying the genealogical method to your informant and comparing your informant's kinship system with that of that Trobriands. Start with kin terms. For the Trobriand kin terms see Malinowski's chapter "Morals and Manners" especially the section "The Supreme Taboo" and specifically the "Genealogical Diagram of Relationship." Describe the family and kinship system that go along with each set of kin terms, using the terms and their definitions in the assigned readings from Murdock. Include your genealogy in the appendix to your paper. Four double-spaced pages (not including the appendix) for 10 % 3. Oct. 1 Wednesday Malinowski reported a Trobriand story about a brother and sister in his chapter "A Savage Myth of Incest." One way to think of stories is that they contain the forms of our understanding, to borrow from the anthropologist Michelle Rosaldo. What are the forms of Trobriand understanding contained in this myth and how are they related to their kinship and family system ? Place the Trobriands in a broader cross-cultural comparative perspective by taking
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any story about a brother and sister that you or your informant (for the genealogy paper) consider to be important. The story you select may come from oral tradition, the Bible, children's literature, even a product of popular culture as long as you or your informant consider it important. Include the story in an appendix and summarize its relevant points in the body of your paper. Six double spaced pages (not including appendix) for 12 % (This assignment was more problematic because the students had a difficult time finding stories to go along with the
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Ant. 100 Fall '08 - Prof J Taggart Telephone 717-291-4038...

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