Exercise 10 (2)

Exercise 10 (2) - 10 A Mercyhurst freshman has just...

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A Mercyhurst freshman has just enrolled in November (she has taken no courses) and is planning her course schedule for Winter and Spring terms. She must take exactly three courses each term. By the end of Spring term she must complete at least three courses in Area F, at least one course in Area G, and at least one course in Area H. The only courses still open to her are: Area F: F102, F201, F202, F203 Area G: G101, G102, G103, G201 Area H: H101, H102, H202 Her selection of courses is subject to the following restrictions: A student can take no more than two courses with the same letter designation per term. Courses with a number designation in the 200’s are offered only in the Spring term; courses with a number designation in the 100’s are offered in both the Winter and Spring terms. No course taken in the Winter term can be repeated in the Spring term. 1. Which of the following is a course that the student must take?
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