Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Outline Sensation and Perception I....

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Sensation and Perception I. Vision: Building a World of Color and Form A. _ Visual Transduction ___-Translating the visual message. 1. ____ Electromagnetic energy _____- (light) classified by wavelength, experienced as hue and intensity (brightness). 2. Entering the eye. a. __ Cornea __-light bounces off real world objects and the cornea adjusts the incoming wavelengths. b. __ Pupil ____-light passes through the cornea, the aqueous humor, then through the pupil which opens and closes to adjust the amount of light. c. __ Iris ___-gives the eye its color. d. __ Lens ___- focuses light onto the sensory receptors. *___ Accommodation __ is the process of the lens changing shape. e. _ Retina ___- a thin layer of tissue covering the back of the eye. It contains the rods and cones which change electromagnetic energy into the language of the brain. 3. Rods and Cones a._ Rods __- cells that transduce low level of light into electrochemical signals. b. _ Cones _- cells that need high levels of light and are critical for color vision and details. 4. ___ Optic Nerve__ _- takes the visual signal toward the brain. *_ Blind Spot _ is the point where the optic nerve leaves the eye. B. Extracting the Message Components: Visual Pathways 1. __ Parallel Processing __- visual processes that occur in many different areas of the brain simultaneously. 2. _ Feature Detection __- cells in the brain that respond to patterns or bars of light and dark only. 3. Color vision: Trichromatic Theory ___- states that color information is extracted through the action of 3 different types of cones (red, blue, and green). Color blindness in this theory results from having only 2 different types of cones. But this theory does not account for yellow. 4. Color vision: __ Opponent Process Theory ___- states that cells in the visual pathway increase activation to one color then decrease activation to other colors. C. Producing Stable Interpretations: Visual Perception 1. The perceptual world- people rely on _ prior knowledge __, __ principles of organization __, and __ expectations __ to construct what they see. Context generates expectations about the whole. *_ Bottom-Up processing
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Outline Sensation and Perception I....

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