Chapter 6 Outline

Chapter 6 Outline - Chapter 6 Outline Consciousness I...

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Chapter 6 Outline Consciousness I. Setting Priorities for Mental Functioning: Attention A. _ Consciousness __- subjective awareness of internal and external events. B. _ Attention_ _- internal processes people use to set priorities for mental functioning. Attentional resources are limited and selective. C. Experiments on Attention: Dichotic Listening 1. _ Dichotic Listening Technique __- involves simultaneous presentation of 2 messages. One message is shadowed (repeated aloud) by the subject. Attention must be switched back and forth. Little is remembered about the unattended message. 2. _ Multiple Message Monitoring __- We do some processing of unattended messages. _ Cocktail Party Effect __- describes why we notice our name in an unattended channel. D. Processing without Attention: _ Automaticity __- the fast and effortless processing which requires no focused attention. Divided attention task- perform 2 tasks at once, it is Automaticity if one task fails to interfere with performance of another task. E. Disorders of Attention 1. _ Visual Neglect __- people with damage to a specific area in the right parietal lobe of the brain tend to ignore things that appear toward the left side of the body. 2. _ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder __- marked by difficulties concentrating. Most common psychological disorder in school aged children. May be right hemisphere damage. II. Sleeping and Dreaming A. Biological Rhythms- external cycle including body functions such as sleeping and waking. 1. _
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Chapter 6 Outline - Chapter 6 Outline Consciousness I...

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