Chapter Four Outline

Chapter Four Outline - CHAPTER FOUR OUTLINE HUMAN...

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CHAPTER FOUR OUTLINE HUMAN DEVELOPMENT I. Developing Physically A. The Stages of Prenatal Development 1. The Germinal Period: The time between conception and implantation in the wall of the uterus. It is the most crucial time in pregnancy. 2. The Embryonic Period: arms, legs and a beating heart appear and sexual differentiation occurs near the end of the embryonic period. 3. The Fetal Period: skeletal and muscular systems develop and allow for movement in the womb. 4. Environmental Hazards a.) teratogens: environmental agents that may damage the developing child. b.) critical periods: the times of greatest susceptibility to damage during development. c.) fetal alcohol syndrome: physical deformities and an increased risk of retardation due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy. B. Growth During Infancy 1. Physical Growth: physical growth of the brain and body is dramatic in the first year of life, and the brain has all of its neurons by five months prenatal development. 2. Experience matters: ( neural pruning: neurons that are not used die or atrophy) (plasticity: the brain's rough wiring at birth, and dendrites connect with experience.) C. From Crawling to Walking: The nervous system matures from the head down, and from the center out to the extremities D. From Toddlerhood to Adolescence 1. Adolescence: A physical growth spurt occurs in girls at about age 12- 13 in females at about age 11. Puberty (literally meaning to grow hair)
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Chapter Four Outline - CHAPTER FOUR OUTLINE HUMAN...

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