Experiment 1

Experiment 1 - Experiment 1: Thevenins Theorem...

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Experiment 1: Thevenin’s Theorem Introduction : This lab report if for electronics lab 2731. The purpose of this lab report is to inform the lab assistant that I’ve worked through the lab and gained an adequate amount of experience in doing so. The information found in this lab deals with Thevenin’s theorem and how I was able to establish his theory through practice. Objective : The main objective of the lab was to introduce and familiarize me with the dock board through a series of assignments. Procedures : Resistance to Ground: First, we needed to test the resistors to make sure that represented the value they were given. We accomplished this by connecting certain resistors to the dock board and connecting both ground and voltage cables to either side of one resistor. We used a 1k and 2k resistors. Secondly, we connect the resistors together in series using 1k, 3k, and 10k resistors. First by connecting two 1k resistors in series and calculating the total resistance. Next, connect a 1k and a 3k resistor in series and calculate its total resistance. Lastly,
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Experiment 1 - Experiment 1: Thevenins Theorem...

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