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Experiment 2 - 1 E xperiment 2: Resistive Voltage Division...

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Experiment 2: Resistive Voltage Division Introduction: The purpose of this lab report is to inform the lab assistant that I’ve worked through the lab and gained an adequate amount of experience in doing so. The information in this labs deals with finding and studying the voltage division in a series of resistive circuits. Objective: The main objective of the lab was to measure and understand the voltage division across a series of resistive circuits. In doing so, calculate the voltage across the resistors in ten different time segments with applied resistance. Procedures: First, we were instructed to make a circuit using a 10k potentiometer, Ω however, our potentiometer proved to be defective. Therefore, we used a small, chip sized 10k potentiometer and attached it to the bread-board. Ω Once this was accomplished, we grounded the potentiometer and fed it 10 volts. Soon as this connection was made, we proceeded to turn the potentiometer’s knob clockwise from the “7 o’clock” position to the “5 o’clock” position for ten increments. While doing so, we calculated the voltage going through the potentiometer for those ten increments. Secondly, we added a 10k resistor as a “load” to the potentiometer. In Ω doing so, we connected both the potentiometer and the 10k resistor to Ω ground while only feeding 10 volts to the potentiometer. Next, starting from the “7 o’clock” position on the potentiometer, we calculate ten increments of 1
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voltage across the potentiometer until we reach it’s “5 o’clock” position and record our findings. Thirdly, we connect a 3.3k
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Experiment 2 - 1 E xperiment 2: Resistive Voltage Division...

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