Psych 101 Lecture 4

Psych 101 Lecture 4 - Inhibition –Process by which...

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Communication across neurons: Neurotransmitter Release •Action Potential travels to the end of the neuron, known as the Terminal Button. •At the Terminal Button sacs containing protein molecules •Action Potential moves these sacs to the end of the terminal button where they break and release protein: Neurotransmitter •Neurotransmitters are released into space between 2 adjoining neurons: Synapse •Neurotransmitters attach to other neuron’s dendrites. •This creates a chemical reaction which opens gates, allowing ions to flow in and create new Action Potential Dopamine : –Involved in movement, learning, attention, emotion. –How you know Dopamine: Parkinson’s, Schizophrenia, Marijuana Serotonin : –Involved in mood, hunger sleep and arousal –How you know Serotonin: Depression and Ecstasy Excitation : –Process by which neighboring neuron is more likely to fire
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Unformatted text preview: Inhibition : –Process by which neighboring neuron is less likely to fire THE BRAIN •Behavioral Observation –Oldest technique: Study the effects of lesions (natural or psychosurgery) EEG –Records the electrical activity of the brain MRI –Detects atomic movement PET Scan –Detects glucose consumption of active brain regions. Amygdala : –Involved in rage Hypothalamus : “Brain of the Brain” –Pleasure centers, hunger, thirst & sex, emotions, sleeping and waking Hippocampus : –Consolidation of short-term memories into long-term memories Frontal : –Behavioral control, short-term memory, planning, social skills Parietal : –Non-verbal intelligence, visual-spatial processing/memory, localizing objects in space Temporal : –Auditory, Language (Wernicke’s area) Occipital : –Visual processing (Brain developing till age 20)...
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  • Terminal Button sacs, Neurotransmitter Release •Action, Terminal Button. •At, Action Potential Dopamine

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Psych 101 Lecture 4 - Inhibition –Process by which...

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