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Psych 101 Lecture 16 - Emotion Emotion events are always...

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Emotion •Emotion events are always brief and transient •Emotion functions are always benign and never a danger •Emotion always has a constructive function What do emotions reveal? Sadness : Loss of something valuable Anxiety : Anticipation of loss of something valuable Anger : Hostility towards object that has caused loss of something valuable Emotion Classification •Basic Emotions –Anger –Disgust –Fear –Happiness –Sadness –Surprise •Self-Conscious Emotions –Embarrassment –Guilt –Humiliation –Pride –Shame Major Issue: Where do emotions come from? Is emotion more in the “body” or more in the “brain”? What role does interpretation or “appraisal” play in emotion? To what extent is emotion culturally mediated? Is emotion conscious or unconscious?
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James-Lange Theory of Emotion - Experience of emotion is awareness of physiological responses to emotion-arousing stimuli - Emotion is a “bottom up” process emerging primarily from physiological
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