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Tiffany Woodbury Bus 302 Mon. 1-3 Seat: C-4-1 Beverlee B. Anderson, Ph.D Title of Article: Middle East Investors Wait for ‘Fog to Clear’ Issue Date: February 4, 2011 Page Number(s) Online Appropriate Model for Analysis: Porter’s Diamond Model Focus: Middle East Salient Components of Model How Article Relates to Model Component Chance Political turmoil, Uprising in Tunisia and across Egypt. Related and Supporting Industries Gulf oil exporters exposed to negative investor sentiment over Egypt.
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Unformatted text preview: Stocks in Gulf firms associated with Egypt have dropped. Demand Conditions Crude oil prices up to $100/barrel Factor Conditions: Infrastructure Need for political reforms in Egypt, need to create more jobs to satisfy more diversified economic structure. Firm Strategy Emmar Properties, Dubai company, placed $500 million Islamic Bond Firm Strategy Gulf Companies in N. Africa had to evacuate expatriate workers and shut down plants and offices....
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