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1. What do you think about your boss asking for a memo for his boss? Is that a good thing? Yes, because it outlines the advantages and justifies need of such system and cost of such a system with how it’s going to affect sales force, calculated advantage and how will improve sales force. The three things it will address are how will blog affect sales, how will sales people use it and how will it affect sales. It is potentially not good for Dee because she bears responsibility for project if it fails. 2. In what ways could this project backfire on Dee? No documented use, too complicated, too much to get started and up keep. This project could be too expensive and not justified with noticeable improvement of sales. There is potentially lots of research to do and very time consuming. Could be difficult for sales force to use and not prove efficient. 3. List some of the competitive advantages this blog can bring, both from the video and your own ideas, justify them. Positively affect enhance research and overcome objections. Learn other companies saying
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