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Benny Wong Professor Grazyna Drabik HC Seminar 2/ One City, Many Worlds Individual Visits – Personal Statement For the individual visit, I plan to visit the Museum of Chinese in the Americas. I am particularly interested in finding out how Chinese immigrants have established themselves in the United States in the 20 th century. My parents emigrated from Hong Kong to live in the U.S. However despite the fact that I am a second generation Chinese American born to first generation Chinese Americans, my great-grandfather immigrated
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Unformatted text preview: to the U.S. and stayed living here his whole life. I hope to discover if there is any information on him because I really want to know what it was like for him to live in the United States in the first-half of the 20 th century. My father would tell me that his grandfather would send money from America to help the family finances in Hong Kong. I hope that by going to the Museum of Chinese in the Americas I will be able to learn more about my culture and heritage and how the Chinese have prospered in America....
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