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CHC seminar 2 project

CHC seminar 2 project - CHC Seminar 2 The Peopling of New...

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CHC Seminar 2 The Peopling of New York City Benny Wong Museum of Chinese in America For my individual visit, I visited the Museum of Chinese in America, located at 211 Centre Street. The museum was originally located at 70 Mulberry Street, however at this new location the new space is six times bigger than the original location. The Centre Street location was originally an old industrial machine repair shop. The museum’s new home is designed by Maya Lin, a first-generation Chinese American who designed the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C., while she was still an undergraduate at Yale University. Despite the size of the museum, it still contains an enormous amount of information of all the Chinese people who have ever been here in the United States. Another place that I visited was the New York Chinese School, which is also home to the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association. Through both of these places, I have found that I have come to question myself on whether Chinatown is either a place or a state of mind. By visiting both of these places, I have come to the realization that Chinatown resides both in its mental and physical presence. I was taught that the United States is the great melting pot of society and that we assimilate into the great American Society. Despite that, I still don’t want to lose any part of my heritage or culture. Since I grew up in a heavily Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, my early perception of what I called home was just the white people living around me and the other white kids that I went to school with. I was never truly aware of my heritage or my culture until I was 8. When I was 8, I visited Chinatown for the first time. Going to
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