Biology lab #1 Scientific Investigation

Biology lab #1 Scientific Investigation - as head...

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Benny Wong 8/31/09 Monday Lab Report Purpse: In this lab, there were two kinds of symmetry that were present in different body parts. In this lab, the terms allometry and isometry were introduced. Allometry or allometric growth is used when it is used to describe the changing relative rates of growth in things. Another term that was used was isometric growth when two body parts grow at the same rate. The work that was done in this lab was to determine the whether certain rates of growth in different body parts, such
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Unformatted text preview: as head circumference, crown rump, height, and arm, were allometric or isometric. Significance: Based on the data taken from the students, the growth rate ratio from head circumference to crown rump is allometric when compared to the baby’s growth rate of head circumference to crown rump. Also the growth rate ratio from height to arm is isometric when compared to the baby’s growth rate....
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