Biology Lab #8 Photosynthesis

Biology Lab #8 Photosynthesis - Benny Wong Biology Lab #8...

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Benny Wong 11/30/09 Monday Biology Lab #8 Photosynthesis Purpose In this lab photosynthesis was introduced. Photosynthesis is the process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy. This process takes place in almost all plants, some protists, and some prokaryotes. In this lab, photosynthesis was observed in plants. This process takes carbon dioxide and water and produces glucose and oxygen. Glucose may convert to sucrose and transported or stored in the polymer starch. In plants, the reactions occur in the chloroplasts and carbon dioxide enters via the stoma. For plants, only certain light wavelengths would be absorbed and transmitted into the chloroplast, while other light wavelengths would be reflected. The first experiment was conducted by placing plastic filters of different colors on the leaf. The leaves were placed in a well-lit area for four to five days. Afterwards the leaf was boiled in an alcohol bath and treated with I 2 KI solution to see which of the filtered areas had
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Biology Lab #8 Photosynthesis - Benny Wong Biology Lab #8...

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