Biology Lab #11 DNA Isolation

Biology Lab #11 DNA Isolation - forces the DNA to...

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Benny Wong 11/30/09 Monday Biology Lab #11 DNA Isolation Student Data Sheet a) First the strawberries are put into the blender and heated in a hot water bath in order to make the cell lyse. b) The temperature is 55 ° C. c) The ingredients used in the extraction buffer are NaCl, EDTA and SDS. d) They yield high amounts of DNA because they are soft, easy to homogenize and are covered in seeds. e) Ethanol is used because ethanol floats on the top and DNA is insoluble in ethanol. This
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Unformatted text preview: forces the DNA to precipitate. f) The DNA is separated because it’s recognizable as bubbles, and stringy, grayish strands. g) DNA is colorless. h) Tris EDTA is a buffer solution that binds up Mg ++ , which is a necessary cofactor of DNase. Tris EDTA prevents DNA or RNA from degradation. i) We use broken quartz and compare it to a standard because they are known values. For a spectrometer reading of 0.134 nm, the concentration would be 5.9650 μ g/mL....
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Biology Lab #11 DNA Isolation - forces the DNA to...

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