Biology Lab #12 Transcription and Translation

Biology Lab #12 Transcription and Translation - the...

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Benny Wong 11/30/09 Monday Biology Lab #12 Transcription and Translation Purpose In this lab, transcription and translation were introduced. The Central dogma of molecular biology states that DNA is transcribed to RNA, which is then translated into protein. In prokaryotic cells, mRNA is copied from a template of DNA, which ultimately translates into protein. Transcription occurs at the same time in the cytoplasm with translation because there is no nucleus to separate these two events. In eukaryotic cells, the mRNA is processed and migrates from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. Translation for eukaryotic cells is broken down into three phases: initiation, elongation and termination. In the initiation phase, the enzyme RNA polymerase binds to the promoter region (TATA box). In the elongation phase, additional nucleotides are added to the RNA polymerase. The termination phase stops
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Unformatted text preview: the addition of nucleotides and is stopped by terminator signals at the end of the genes. The E. coli bacteria was used to measure its protein production. The protein standard was serially diluted in order to have a standard. The results from the standard will then be interpolated in order to determine the amount of protein generated by the E. coli samples. Results: Significance: A graph was generated in order to interpolate the protein concentration for E. coli at 0, 60 and 110 minutes. The linear fit for the graph is y = -5.794(x) + 36.86. The concentration at 0 minutes is 3.773 mL, at 60 minutes the concentration is 5.67 ml and at 110 minutes the concentration is 3.95 mL....
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Biology Lab #12 Transcription and Translation - the...

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