BIOG 1400 Lab #2 post

BIOG 1400 Lab #2 post - Wong, Benny 1 Benny Wong (byw3)...

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Wong, Benny Benny Wong (byw3) BIOG 1440 Comparative Physiology Professor Booker TA: Samuel Dillion BIOG 1440 Lab #2 Post-Lab Questions 1) Based on the data collected, describe the relationship between O 2 and CO 2 production. Does this support your current knowledge of photosynthesis and respiration? Explain. When the aluminum cover was removed from the container, there was a steady decrease in O 2 and CO 2 levels. The decrease in CO 2 levels does support the knowledge of photosynthesis, since CO 2 is mainly used in generating energy. There were decreasing O 2 levels because of O 2 was used up in the respiration of the leaves. 2) What do you predict to be the effect of ‘increasing environmental carbon dioxide levels’ on the rate of plant growth? The rate of plant growth would be suppressed if there were ‘increased environmental carbon dioxide levels’. This would be the case because there are many other factors to consider besides just increased CO 2 levels. There would also be an
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BIOG 1400 Lab #2 post - Wong, Benny 1 Benny Wong (byw3)...

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