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BIOG 1440 Lab #2

BIOG 1440 Lab #2 - occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts CO...

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Benny Wong (byw3) BIOG 1440 Comparative Physiology Professor Booker TA: Samuel Dillion BIOG 1440 Lab #2 Prelab Questions 1) What physiological processes does a plant continue to perform even when it is in the dark? The plant still goes through the Calvin cycle even in the dark. The whole cycle
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Unformatted text preview: occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts. CO 2 is captured by ribulose biphosphate. Then six molecules of CO 2 are converted to one molecule of glucose. 2) A respiring plant produces CO 2 . What is the fate of that CO 2 ? The CO 2 is quickly used up by photosynthesis....
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