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1 L INGUISTICS 1, W EB Q UIZ #1 Web assignment questions: 1. WHAT IS A "LINGUIST"? 2. LANGUAGE AS AN "INSTINCT 3. LANGUAGE AS PART OF PHYSICAL BIOLOGY 4. EQUIVALENCE OF EXPRESSIVE POWER 5. TWO USES OF THE WORD "GRAMMAR" 6. DID HUMANS "INVENT" LANGUAGE? 7. WHAT IS THE "WHORF HYPOTHESIS"? 8. WEAKNESSES OF THE "WHORF HYPOTHESIS" 9. LANGUAGE WITHOUT THOUGHT 10. THOUGHT SEPARATE FROM LANGUAGE NOTE: Feedback links will work after Wednesday January 12 at 6:00 PM. 1. WHAT IS A "LINGUIST"? Which one of the people in (a-e) would be a "linguist" by the definition that we used in class. a. The late Pope John Paul II : (from a profile by Time magazine) "Fluent in eight languages, the Pope chooses his idiom to suit his dinner companions. Says a Vatican aide: "He listens, talks directly, asks questions, puts you at ease. After five minutes you forget you are talking to the Pope." . .. The Pope's reading is eclectic: philosophy, history, sociology - all in the original languages." b. The late Kenneth Hale: (from an obituary in the Los Angeles Times )- "Hale's work on word order and structures contributed to a general theory of the innate human capacity for speech. He also championed the study and preservation of Native American and other endangered tongues by members of the affected cultures. . .. A legendary polyglot, Hale could converse in more than 50 languages, including Navajo, Hopi, and the Australian aboriginal tongue of Warlpiri. . ..[Hale] did indulge one other passion: he rode bulls [in rodeos]." c. The late William Safire : (from the introductory chapter to his book William Safire on -Language) "What, other than sheer chutzpah, gives authority to any language 'authority'--or, as my correspondents put it, 'Who the hell are you to say [whether someone's use of language is 'correct' or not]?' I'm a working writer, that's who. (That's WHOM? No. 'Who' is correct.) I write because I enjoy expressing myself, and writing forces me to think more coherently than I do when just shooting off my mouth."
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Linguistics 1, Web Quiz #1 2 d. Helen Epley Hoffman : My high school Latin teacher, who drilled us so well in Latin grammar that I can still recite paradigms of Latin verbs (amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant) and Latin demonstrative pronouns (hic, haec, hoc; hujus, hujus, hujus; etc.). She also wrote the words to the Klamath Union High School fight song, "Mighty Pelicans". e. Will Shortz , The Puzzle Master: (From a Wikipedia article) "[Shortz] has been the crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times since 1993 . .., and has been the puzzle master on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday since the program was started in 1987." His on-air puzzles almost always involve anagrams and other word games involving recombing letters of words, finding rhyming words, and the like. 2. LANGUAGE AS AN "INSTINCT"
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01web - LINGUISTICS 1 WEB QUIZ#1 Web assignment questions 1...

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