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Lance E. Royce 30 October 2010 Gregg V. Georgia Citation: 428 U.S. 153 (1976). Parties: Petitioner: Gregg Respondent: Georgia Facts: Gregg, was convicted for murder and was sentenced to death by a jury. The jury issued the death sentence given under the Georgia statue after finding him guilty for armed robbery and murder. Prior Proceedings: None Issue: Is the death penalty unconstitutional under the 8 th  or 14 th  Amendments and is Georgia’s statute  unconstitutional.  Arguments or Objectives of the parties: The petitioner raised the question about whether his rights were violated by being given the death sentence in that it was unconstitutional and that also the Georgia statue was also unconstitutional. The prosecution stated that capital punishment does not violate the 8 th or 14 th Amendments and that the Georgia statue was within the rights of the state. Disposition: The Supreme Court held both the decisions Rule of Law/Holding: Capital punishment is not a violation of the 8
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