AP Environmental(CH.10)

AP Environmental(CH.10) - Samcosol Mao Chapter 10 The...

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Samcosol Mao AP Environmental January 14, 2009 Period 6 Chapter 10 1) In industrialized societies, an agricultural revolution has taken place that has radically affected the practice of farming and its environmental impact. What is industrialized agriculture, how did it develop, and what are its environmental costs? Industrialized agriculture uses fertilizer, irrigation, pesticides and energy from fossil fuels to produce large quantities of crops and livestock with minimal labor for domestic and foreign sale. It was develop because it gave a major impact on farming. The Industrial Revolution contributed to a revolution in agriculture so profound that today less than 3% of the U.S. work force produces enough food for all the nation’s needs plus a substantial amount for trade on world markets. Crop production has been raised to new heights, doubling or tripling yields per acre. However there are environmental costs. According to many agricultural experts, expanding production has reached, or even exceeded, sustainable limits. 2) The agricultural revolution has been transferred to the developing world in a process called the Green Revolution. What are the origins and impact of the Green Revolution? The Green Revolution usually refers to the transformation of agriculture that began in 1945. One significant factor came at the request of the Mexican government to establish an agricultural research station to develop more varieties of wheat that could be used to feed the rapidly growing population of the country. Most of its potential has been
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AP Environmental(CH.10) - Samcosol Mao Chapter 10 The...

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