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Unformatted text preview: Akshay Seth Hanley Profile January 17, 2011 New geosystems instructor James Handley started off his first teaching day here on an interesting note. Rather than diving headfirst into the text, he began his first class by showing his students how everything they take for granted today, from plastic utensils to the rubber in their pencil erasers, is in some way derived from rocks. An innovative curriculum that complements this real world application style of science training convinced Hanley to apply, at the end of 2010, for the soon to be vacant teachers spot left by Elaine Schmid, who had been on the faculty for 15 years after retiring midway through this school year. “I had been teaching info labs courses at George Mason University, but it was different here because all of the students are actually engaged in combining the science disciplines,” Hanley said, “They don’t just come to the class to get a credit.” The teaching position at GMU is only a single facet of a large and impressive résumé boasting...
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