Ch 29 Plant Colonization-1

Ch 29 Plant Colonization-1 -...

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6d8213ada79573c1986d4dc1020bec1b3122250c.doc Ch 29 Plant Colonization AP Bio Summer R.M. Deeley Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select one that is best in each case and write, using capital letters, the letter of the answer in the blank provided. ___1. Which of the following characteristics, if observed in an unidentified green plant, would make it UNLIKELY to be a charaphycean? A. phragmoplast B. peroxisome C. apical meristem D. chlorophylls a and b E. rosette cellulose-synthesizing complex ___2. In the life cycles of all plants, there is true alteration of generations. Consequently, A. haploid sporophytes make haploid spores. B. gametophytes produce spores that develop into gametes C. sporophytes and gametophytes are typically similar in appearance D. meiosis in sporophytes produces haploid spores E. in plants, either the gametophyte or the sporophyte is unicellular ___3. Which of the following statements is true of archegonia? A.
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Ch 29 Plant Colonization-1 -...

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