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History 61A Jankowski ([email protected]) Fall 2010 Office Hours: M 2-4, Th 2-3 or by appt. M,W, Th12.10-1.00 Golding 115 Cultures in Conflict Course Theme and Learning Goals This lecture and discussion course places cultural conflicts of the present in the perspective of world history. Why has globalization, usually taken to mean the integration of nations and peoples through trade, technology, media, and other forces, been accompanied by a recurrence of national, religious, and ethnic conflicts in so many parts of the world? An examination of some of such conflicts, mostly since about 1300 but some from antiquity and prehistory, may help provide some answers. Upon completion of this course, students should be familiar with the nature and causes of major cultural conflicts – why some cultures that regard each other as alien enter into conflict and why others do not, the differing forms such conflicts take, how states and political regimes affect the likelihood of their outbreak, and how the reasons for their appearance or reappearance today may lie buried deep in the past. Course Requirements Requirements for the course include attendance at all classes, six 2-page response papers, one due at each of the six discussion classes (I will provide a question for each paper, based on the readings and the lectures), a midterm exam, and a final term paper of 8-10 pages which will examine the cultural origins and dimensions of a particular conflict or dispute today. I will provide guidelines for this paper, which will be due on the last day
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