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Financial Statement Analysis Project FI 504 - ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE STUDENT NAME: Richard Szeszko A Comparative Analysis of The Hershey Company & Tootsie Roll Industries
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Financial Statement A DESCRIPTIONS OF THE HERSHEY COMPAN THE HERSHEY COMPANY: TOOTSIE ROLL INDUSTRIES: It was Milton Hershey’s decision in 1894 to produce sweet chocolate as a coating for his caramels so the company was named the Hershey Chocolate Company. In 1900, the company began producing milk chocolate in its candy bars. Using mass production, Hershey was able to lower the price per-unit cost and make milk chocolate, which was once a luxury item for the wealthy, affordable to everyone. The company grew vastly in the last 30 years of the 20th century. Net sales only $334 million in 1969, soared to $4.4 billion in 2004. Today it is the leading North American manufacturer of quality chocolate, non- chocolate confectionery, chocolate-related grocery products and a leader in the gum and mint candies category. Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc. is one of America's favorite candy companies. They started back in 1896 as a small candy store in New York when Leo Hirshfield came up with the "Tootsie Roll" which was named after his 5 year old daughter, Clara, whose nickname was "Tootsie". This created a booming business and the company soon began to manufacture and sell some of the world's most popular brands of candy out of it's Chicago headquarters and became one of the country's largest candy companies, operating throughout North America and with distribution channels in more than 75 countries. Tootsie Roll had expanded exponentialy over the years and now
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Ratio project - Financial Statement Analysis Project FI 504...

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