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An Ohio State DocudramaKim Smith

An Ohio State DocudramaKim Smith - An Ohio State Docudrama...

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An Ohio State Docudrama Kim Smith A student at the Ohio State University is reported to have a suspected case of the swine flu. H1N1 is an influenza that targets all ages, it is considered a pandemic flu. H1N1 is a serious flu that can be deadly; it has serious effects in individuals with underlying respiratory problems. This affects everyone in the Ohio State community. Roommates, fellow students and teachers who could have been exposed need to make sure they monitor themselves for any signs of flu. Health care workers at the university will also be affected, after caring for the student and running screening tests. Six people I would interview would be the student’s roommate, attending physician of the student, a professor, employee in the lab, fellow classmate, and President Gordon Gee of the Ohio State University. Roommate – 19 yr old male, Student- he and his roommate (suspected swine flu case) are best friends, they attend classes together and hang in the same social scene.
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