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STUDENT INFORMATION UPDATE SENIOR 2009 – 2010 Name: _______Kim Smith_______________________ Track (Circle One): MedSci (circle one) pre-med pre: _______ other: _____ Cert (circle one) 1 st BS degree 2 nd BS degree Certificate only MLT Grad Expected Grad Quarter: _2011_______ Minors/Other Major:_____________ Are you part time or full time student in the program? Part Time Are you a SAMP honors student? If so are you doing an honors thesis? no Do you have a current job? If so where? Yes, Battelle Memorial Institute Have you won any awards, scholarships, or received any other honors over the past year?
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Unformatted text preview: Local Address:______6687 Warriner Way___________________________________________ __Canal Winchester, OH 43110_________________________________________ Local Phone: ___6148376821_______________________________________________ Permanent Address: ____same as above________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Permanent Phone: _____same as above________________________________________...
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studentdemoGRAPHICS%20seniors[1]kimsmith - Local...

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