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Twelfth Night and DirectingKim Smith

Twelfth Night and DirectingKim Smith - to the climax which...

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Twelfth Night and Directing Kim Smith 1. I think the most important theme in this play is love, I believe Shakespeare is showing us all different forms of love, from love for a wife, love for a friend, a brother and a potential new husband/wife. I think he’s saying love can drive us crazy or make us do crazy things but he’s showing it in a funny way. I think in today’s world the audience will still think the theme is love but times have changed so we really wouldn’t relate to it as well. 2. I think the protagonist is the Duke because the play is centered around his love for Olivia which sets everything in motion. The Antagonist would be Olivia because she is against accepting any form of love from the Duke and I think she will do anything to not be his love interest. 3. The inciting incident is when Viola changes her identity to a man, I believe this plays a major role in the play and the decision that Olivia makes when she falls in love with Viola(Cesario), obviously not knowing that she is a woman. This leads
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Unformatted text preview: to the climax which is the case of mistaken identity from Oliva marrying Sebastian to Viola being mistaken as Sebastian. All of these actions set up for the resolution of the whole play. 4. Cast 1. Viola-Kristen Stewart- I think she fits because she has a very boyish quality to her, I think she would make the charter more eccentric or arty. 2. Olivia-Keira Knightley-I think she fit because she is a classic beauty and holds herself well. I think she would come off haughty but play the part well 3. Orsino-Brad Pitt- I picture him handsome and I think Brad has a power about him that I could see in the duke’s role; he can be commanding and strong. 4. Sir Toby-Billy Burke- I picture Sir Toby middle aged but handsome, I think Billy would bring a more rugged attitude to the character. 5. Malvolio-Timothy Spall-I picture him dim witted, not attractive. I think Timothy could play this part well and bring his comedic talents, which would really enhance the character....
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