Weird - Weird? Theres a Possibility! Music is constantly...

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Weird? There’s a Possibility! Music is constantly changing over the years and through the addition of various technologies and the creation of new ideas for music songs can take on a sense of weirdness. Jonathan Bernard discusses many points regarding rock music and the modernism/avant garde development in rock music, which leads to the so called weird. Weird can be different for everyone and in his paper Bernard goes into a discussion of what changes/additions influenced the change of rock and roll and which today can be referred to as beyond the norm, or strange. One area he touches on is the introduction of sound effects and the addition of unidentifiable sounds to make the song more altered. Through the use of these sound effects the face of music changed from the more widely accepted traditional rock and roll that followed a certain pattern/sound, to a new and different sound that people weren’t use to. The younger generation was delving into a new age of music and their parents were stuck in the past and not use to this change, which they called “noise” or strange/weird music. The use of sound effects or unidentifiable sounds is also inter related with the changing of the recording studio which helped to change the normal sounds of rock and roll by being able to add sounds or such ideas as over dubbing, voice altering or even simply just using a wider variety of musical instruments that were not commonly used in songs at the time. Bernard also discussed the influence of drugs and the development of psychedelic music. Some think that through the use of mind-altering substances this helped to influence/produce a better song or a more experimental song. Indeed it most likely did, would we have “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, without this experimentation of drugs or rather influence of drugs? Finally he talks about how music can also tell a story or
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rather a “movie for your ears”, through the use of music and the influence of film. All of these
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Weird - Weird? Theres a Possibility! Music is constantly...

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