wholeblood.kimsmith - ABO identical Contraindications and...

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MT 605 - Blood Component Summary Student Name_Kim Smith____ Component Name____Whole Blood________________________ Category Bullet points General description RBCs, Plasma Large Volume No viable plts or wbcs No labile coag factors QC requirements 450 + or – 45ml of blood Minimum hematocrit 38% Storage/transport temperature and other requirements Storage 1-6C for 35 days Transport 1-10C Major Indications Increases oxygen For patients who have experienced massive blood loss or are actively bleeding Action/Recipient benefit Restores and maintains blood volume and RBC mass Required compatibility testing
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Unformatted text preview: ABO identical Contraindications and precautions/hazards Do not give to any patient who does not need both red cell mass and volume Do not give to patients who have chronic anemia and are normvolemic Dosage/rate of infusion/ other administration guidelines 170-260 micron filter, with in 4hrs, slowly at first and increase speed later Common adverse reactions specific to this component Allergic reactions, circulatory overload, GVHD, hemolytic transfusion reactions, hypovolemic shock Other comments Units that are less than 405ml are prepared into RBCs (Low volume)...
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  • Spring '07
  • Stegemiller
  • common adverse reactions, hemolytic transfusion reactions, Blood Component Summary, labile coag factors

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wholeblood.kimsmith - ABO identical Contraindications and...

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