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EE313 Linear Systems and Signals - Schedule For Fall 2010, lecture for this course begins on August 26th and ends on December 2nd. Each lecture is scheduled for 75 minutes. The lectures for the semester follow: Week Tuesday Lecture Thursday Lecture Deliverables 8/23 NO SCHOOL Introduction 8/30 Signals Continuous-time systems Homework #1 9/6 Continuous-time systems Continuous-time convolution Homework #2 9/13 Continuous-time convolution Differential equations Homework #3 9/20 Discrete-time signals and systems Discrete-time convolution Homework #4 9/27 UNIVERSITY CLOSED Discrete-time convolution Homework #5 10/4 Stability and time response Midterm #1 Midterm #1 10/11 Difference equations Stability Homework #6 10/18 Fourier series Fourier analysis Homework #7 10/25 Fourier transform properties Sampling theorem Homework #8 11/1 Laplace transform Inverse Laplace transform
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Unformatted text preview: Homework #9 11/8 Transfer functions System realization Homework #10 11/15 Z-transform Midterm #2 Midterm #2 11/22 Difference equations THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY 11/29 Frequency response Z and Laplace transforms Homework #11 There will be two guest lecturers this semester: Tuesday, November 9th, Prof. Neal Hall Tuesday, November 16th, Prof. Ed Powers Prof. Evans will be out of town on the above dates on university business. Final grades consist of homework assignments, two midterms, and a final exam. Coverage of material on the final exam . Optional lectures: LTI system analysis Signal energy ADSL modems System state Schedule of lectures for MWF format from Spring 2009. Zip file of all lecture slides from Fall 2010. Last updated 10/23/10. Send comments to
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index - Homework #9 11/8 Transfer functions System...

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