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glyexam - Buring coal to create acid rain 8 Ch.6 Grading...

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Ch.1 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Def and What it is 7 Inner Outer Planets 8 Three main layers Three Heat transfer- what they are – conduction convention- radiation Name three types main rocks – igneous, ect 12 Explain the rock cycle – change three types- starts igneous rock breaks down by waves, buried deep in ground turn to , metamorphic rock when melts plate techtonics describe plate techtoics and plate boundaries and how they move Ch.2 Mineral Structure atom 8 three factors governing minerals silicates are quartz Ch.3 Viscosity Mt. saint Helens is active Felsic magma is more explosive eruptions Ch.4 The types of weathering – mechanical and chemical
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Unformatted text preview: Buring coal to create acid rain 8 Ch.6 Grading/ cross bearing Ch,7 Metamorphism Ch.8 Relative dating Age of earth Order of three paleotheric era Eon Pheozoic era began Draw fault Ch.9 Eroginese Composition of earth Outer core liquid Gravity anomaly Curry point Current theory what casues earth’s magnetic field During magnetic reversal, two are correctexposes earth to ultraviolete radiation – reverses the magnetic poles How often it occurs 20 Three – metal core, spin axis to set liquid in motion, …. Super continent – pangea...
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