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WUC131/03 Learning Skills for University Studies Semester 2 Tutor-marked Assignment 1 (TMA 1 - 10%) Submission Date: 27 August 2010 (Before 2400 hrs) Instructions: 1. TMA 1 consists of two (2) questions. 2. TMA 1 carries 10% of your final total marks. 3. Please submit your completed assignment through the Online Assignment Submission (OAS) system. 4. Answer all the questions.
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Question 1 Digital libraries are indispensable in open and distance learning (ODL). Discuss the role and advantages of digital libraries in your learning process. (30 marks) Question 2 Read this article, “Foxconn and China’s Suicide Puzzle”, in MyDigitalLibrary and answer the following questions. This article by Michael R. Phillips appeared in The Wall Street Journal . a) Explain the search strategy you used to find and read this article. (10 marks) b) How many people are employed by the Foxconn factory? (1 mark) c) What are the most common explanations given for the increase in suicide cases in Foxconn? (4 marks)
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Tutor-marked_Assignments-July_2010 - WUC131/03 Learning...

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