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Midterm exam 2 review sheet

Midterm exam 2 review sheet - BUAD 2040 Financial...

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BUAD 2040: Financial Accounting Information Midterm Exam II Information Fall Semester 2009 Exam Date: Tuesday, November 10 Bring: Aurora HC101X or B calculator Photo ID No. 2 pencils and eraser Reminder: All electronic devices, except for the required calculator, must be put away in backpacks, purses, etc. during the exam. Digital dictionaries may not be used. Please turn off cell phones so as not to disturb your classmates during the exam. Exam Format: Midterm exam II consists of a total of 40 multiple choice questions that are worth 2.5 points each. Exam Topics: Below is a list of topics from chapters 5 through 8 which will be covered on the second exam. Accounting treatment: inventory purchases and sales of inventory. Define liquidity. FOB destination and shipping point. Freight costs include in inventory or selling expense? Define and calculate operating cycle. Difference between perpetual inventory system and periodic inventory system.
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