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e52 - Subject Language Arts/Vocabulary Objective 1.03...

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Unformatted text preview: Subject: Language Arts/Vocabulary Objective: 1.03 Students will increase Reading and writing vocabulary through word study and word reference materials. -Teacher draws a big cowboy Teacher hat on the board. hat -On the top part of the hat -On teacher writes the word Cowboy. Cowboy -Students take turns writing -Students two words they know that have to do with cowboys. have Anticipatory Set/Pre­Knowledge Teacher instructs students to; Teacher - Return to their seats. -Turn to one another and talk about the subject, -Turn Cowboys, for 2 minutes with a partner. Cowboys, with -Use the board as a reference as needed. Materials: Materials: Dictionary Word Wheel Packets (6 pages) Colored pencils Pen or pencil Main dry erase board Dry erase markers Dry erase board eraser Sentence Strips Tape More free powerpoints at www.worldofteaching.com Independent Practice Independent Teacher gives student sentence strip Teacher assigns student a vocabulary word. Student is to write on the strip. Student is instructed to stand up and read the word and tell what it means. Student then posts the word onto the word wall with tape. Crisis ...
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