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Unformatted text preview: Our Solar System Our These photographs are taken from the NASA space missions. space Our Sun Our Microsoft Clip Art Solar Eclipse 2001 Solar Transit time: 3 hours in Lusaka, Zambia Total eclipse: 2 sec. short of 3 minutes Photos of sun taken at 4 different wavelengths of ultraviolet Mariner 10 Mariner to Venus & Mercury Mercury Mercury photographic photographic mosaic mosaic Mercury with with Sun Sun behind it. behind Photographs of the surface of Mercury Mercury Magellan Spacecraft Spacecraft 10 August 1990 Venus Venus Venus -ultraviolet photograph photograph • The following sketch was taken from the Jet The Propulsion Lab’s website Propulsion • Ben Zalewski Nov. 2006 • Nicolas Copernicus published the theory Nicolas that planets revolve around the sun. that 1473 -- 1543 Our Moon Photographs of the Planets Earth Earth photograph from photograph Apollo 16 Apollo Gulf of California Galileo Spacecraft Galileo Australia from Galileo Australia Earth & Moon from Galileo from Earthrise – Apollo 8 Earthrise Our Moon Our Color photograph Apollo 17 Apollo Schmitt Copernicus Crater from Hubble from 90 km Moon: dark side Moon: from Russian Luna3 ...
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