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CSE 566: Wireless Networks Security (Spring 2010) Project 1b Date: 03/29/2010 Due Date: 04/12/2010 This is the second part of the simulation project. This part aims at implementing a MAC Layer attack using the NS2-network simulator. Specifications of the Project: Problem: Misbehavior by nodes is a common attack in networks involving the 802.11 MAC Protocol. By misbehaving we mean nodes do not adhere to the rules of the 802.11 protocol. The aim of this project is to see how changing contention window by nodes affects throughput and delay. Simulation Setup: Topology: Construct a simple grid topology with 21 nodes in a multihop environment. The dimension of the terrain is 350 meters x 150 meters. Place the nodes at coordinates which are 50 meters apart, i.e., the grid should have 3 rows and each row should have 7 nodes. This topology is slightly different from the topology you used in Project 1a. Network Details: Use a CBR source connected to a UDP transport layer. Use AODV as the routing protocol. Use the 802.11 as the MAC protocol. The physical channel rate should be 2Mbps. You can use default link layer protocol for the simulations. CBR Source Details: Set the bit rate to 70 kbps and packet size to 250 bytes. You will need to calculate the source interval to get the desired bit rate. These numbers are also slightly different from Project 1a. Network Sources:
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CSE-566-Project-1b - CSE 566: Wireless Networks Security...

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