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2/1/2010 CSE 566: Wireless Networks Security Due: February 15, 2010 Homework 1 Problem 1. Identify all the variations of 802.11 protocol. Make a table listing the version, operating fre- quency, bandwidth and its features and disadvantages. You can use the table from Lecture 1 slides, but be sure to update the list and add a column to show the advantages as well. Problem 2. Describe the security features of Bluetooth in no more than one page (you can use the material from NIST Draft). Problem 3. With a reduced keysize (32 bits) and reduced state vector S (8 bytes) demonstrate the operation
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Unformatted text preview: of RC4 algorithm. Show both the streamkey and the ciphertext for encrypting the 7-character message: Buffalo. Problem 4. Why is it not desirable to reuse a stream cipher key? Problem 5. What RC4 key value will leave S unchanged during initialization? That is, after the initial permutation of S, the entries of S will be equal to the values from 0 through 255 in ascending order? 1...
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