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Previous year energy audit details Physical size of the company, business activity. Products and services produced at the facility, overall employment (600+ employees) , number of hours the facility operates during a year (24/7) Overall electrical power levels and energy costs. (144,000 units, unit cost = 0.047450, Total Cost = $6832.80, this data was from the month of July 2009) Power density per square foot of the facility as well as per unit of production or per unit of annual sales. (80 acre site) Power System Description: Detail description of power and voltage levels of incoming feeders. Including the following details:
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Cable lengths, sizes and types used in the facility 2. All transformers, feeders, Circuit breakers 3. All environment system related loads such as lighting, HVAC, water pumps etc. 4. Electrically powered production equipment such as ASDs, Non-motor loads 5. Office equipment (10 computers, printers) 6. detailed rating of the surge arrester 7. Energy monitoring room details or system details Power System Protection: All over-voltage protection devices. Datasheet or details of the cathode regulator you have. Energy Management: Real-time data for electrical power and energy consumption patterns at the facility....
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