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What did Hurricane Katrina teach you? Do we still need to teach African American history? Why? Do you prefer to use the term "black" or "African American?" Why? According to your textbook, "Being 'African' American is part of a New World identity." Do you think this is an accurate statement? Explain your response. It taught me that our government isn't every proactive especially in reference to cities heavily populated with African Americans. We definitely need to continue teaching black history in order to revive the pride and integrity of our race in our students. I feel like as
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Unformatted text preview: Americans we are all a little lazy in speech so I think its just easier to say black but in reality the specific connotation of African American addresses fully where we come from and where we’ve been brought. I think it is a New World identity because we were brought here and called so many other things with negative connotations that I’m glad we are able to be more fully represented by a term that doesn’t degrade us so much....
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