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Congress of Racial Equality ( CORE) Fellowship of Reconciliation (1914) James Farmer Est. in April 1942 on the University of Chicago campus. The creation of CORE marked the beginning of a Mass Movement for civil rights. May 1942 began non-violent “sit-down” movement CORE Philosophy o Interracial founders committed to Ghandian techniques of “nonviolent direct action” o Their tactics provided on important example for later civil rights activists. Student Activism and Brown v. Board of Education Barbara Johns R.R. Moton High School Prince Edward County, Virginia March 2, 1955 Claudette Colvin arrested for not giving her seat up to a white woman August 1955 Emmett Till murdered December 1, 1955 Rosa Parks arrested
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Unformatted text preview: From Individual Resistance to Collective protest • Rising expectations of blacks o May 1954 precursor • Challenging Segregation on the Buses (pre-Montgomery) o Buses as “Contested Terrain” Black Voices Ringing the bell Montgomery Bus Boycott • The Rosa Park Myth • Why is it problematic-what is obscured? • Rosa Parks o Highlander Folk School o Septima Clark • E.D. Nixon • JoAnn Robinson o Women;s Political Council (WPC) of Montgomery, Alabama o WPC Network • De-centering men—debunking another myth Invisible Agitators? • Myles Horton • Virginia Foster Durr December 5, 1955 Bus Boycott starts December 21, 1956 Blacks are able to ride wherever they want...
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